NutriBullet Rx Blender/Mixer Review

Are you looking for a mixer which serves as a blender too? But do you often get confused with the countless adjustments, plungers of these machines? Here comes NutriBullet Rx Blender/Mixer, a perfect solution blended with revolutionary technology at a NutriBullet price easily affordable by all!

These manufacturers have pre-programmed the device in a way that it knows when to start, when to stop and what to perform. Whether you want to blend some fresh fruits or prepare a nutritious soup, the machine serves all your tasks. Preparing delicious food for your family has never been more convenient than this!

nutribullet rx

Key Features and Specification Details

  • A powerful motor of 1700-watt with 2.3 horsepower
  • Product weight- 14.7 pounds
  • Smart technology to ensure that you remain hands-free
  • A 90-day warranty
  • Heating cycle to prepare sauces and soups
  • Product Dimension- 15.2 ×2 × 13.1 inches
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Efficiently prepare cold smoothies and hot soups

NutriBullet Amazon Pros

  • Easy cleaning

Unlike other blenders and mixers, cleaning NutriBullet Rx is very simple. You can either remove the blades directly or wash it with the help of a dishwasher. Thus, you can be free from all cleaning woes!

  • Convenient design

Since the machine comes pre-programmed, as a NutriBullet Rx user, you are free from the complications of the design of a machine. You can easily get rid of buttons and adjustments as the mixer knows when to perform, what to perform and how to perform!

  • Compact size


nutribullet rx


As compared to other juicers and mixers, this model of NutriBullet comes at a size which weighs less. This makes it easier to carry from one place to another.  Further, you can have easy storage too!

  • Cheaper

NutriBullet Rx is cheaper when paralleled with other similar products. Thus, NutriBullet Price ensures that you get healthy, nutritious food without shelling out a large amount of money.

Extra Bonus!

A NutriBullet Rx user will be privileged with some lucrative bonus like-

  1. A 2.3 horsepower high torque power base
  2. A pitcher for souperblast mode along with a 2-piece lid
  • A 45-ounce oversized cup for multi-serving
  1. 1 Extractor blade to convert any solid food into liquid by maintaining its nutrition
  2. A 30-ounce short cup for convenient single-serving
  3. 1 lid to keep your food fresh during storage and transportation
  • 1 lip ring for easy sipping
  • 1 user guide to let you know all safety measures and instructions

Working with NutriBullet Rx


  1. Add your ingredients to the short cup/oversized cup
  2. Fill liquid to the max line and twist the extractor blade
  3. Place your cup on the power base and the smart technology will handle the rest.
  4. Once done, twist it off the blade and enjoy!



nutribullet rx


  1. Twist the blade of the SouperBlast pitcher and pour your ingredients and liquid.
  2. Secure it with the lid.
  3. Place it onto the base and let the smart technology do its work
  4. Turn the 7-minute heating cycle
  5. Enjoy your soup!

Customer Verdict

When contacted, most of the customers expressed their views as- “I love the fact that I can avail both NutriBlast and SouperBlast in an affordable NutriBullet price!” “It is the smart technology which I love the most.”

Kick-start your nutrition enriched life through NutriBullet Amazon now!


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