NutriBullet Pro 900 Hi-Speed Blender/Mixer review

Are you looking for a blender that makes perfect smoothies? Does affordability seem to be a great limitation? Well, with a reasonable NutriBullet price, here comes NutriBullet Pro 900 Hi-Speed Blender to eradicate all your mixing woes! From preparing your favourite smoothies to blending whole fruits and wheatgrass, this NutriBullet can perform anything for you. Having a nutritious life has never been easier than this!

NutriBullet Pro

Features and Specifications

  1. Comes with a 900-watt powerful motor
  2. Product Measurement- 7 × 14 × 13 inches
  • Type of Material- Stainless Steel, metal, plastic
  1. Easy usage- For blending: push and twist; For activating pulse function: simply push
  2. Safe to use in dishwasher
  3. NutriBullet Amazon comes with a 1-year warranty
  • A recipe book to change your life
  • Weight- 7.5 pounds


1. Perform multi-tasking!

Whether you want to blend, extract or juice, this product can perform several tasks for its users. The machine easily breaks down tough ingredients like fruits and wheatgrass in the most nutritious way. Thus, whether you want to extract the nutrition of your food, blend it for smoothies or simply have a glass of juice, your NutriBullet Pro can perform all.

2. Easy to Use

Fill the colossal cup with your favourite food and join it with the blender. Now turn on your product and the machine will prepare your desired solution within minutes!

3. Powerful Motor

With its powerful 900 watt motor, the NutriBullet 900 Pro can easily extract nutrition from your food. Whether it is nuts, seeds or stems, the potent motor can easily obtain nutritious solution!

4. Affordable price

NutriBullet price comes at a lower price as compared to other mixers or blenders. With the tasks that it performs, customers can have a beneficial long-term investment at a reasonable price!

5. Health benefits


NutriBullet Pro


Other than providing nutrition to your body, this blender ensures that customers get several other health benefits like-

  • Better skin, hair, and nail
  • Easy fitness
  • Eradicates stress
  • Improved digestion

Extra Benefits!

Along with its amazing features and advantages, as a NutriBullet Pro user, you can avail several added benefits too. In an affordable NutriBullet price, these add-ons are included with the product by the manufacturers. These extra aids are-

  1. 1 Extractor Blade to break your tough food.
  2. 1 High-Torque Power Base to have a quick and effective extraction.
  3. A 32- ounce colossal cup to have adequate servings at once!
  4. A Flip top to-go lid to ease your nutritious drinking.
  5. A 24- ounce long cup along with a handled lip ring offers adequate space to mix your food.


  • Can be a bit noisy at times.
  • It’s plastic materials can be a long-term concern.
  • Leakage problem may occur sometimes.

With numerous benefits that the product offers, these disadvantages are often disregarded by customers as it is a one-of-a-kind product!

Customer feedback

Customers have never considered these cons as a matter of concern. It is the compactness of this blender/mixer which makes it the best-selling mixer at present. What comes as an added benefit to users is its easy storage!

You can easily make way for this effective pocket-friendly multi-purpose product through NutriBullet Amazon. Lead a life, the nutritious way!


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