Nutri Ninja Duo with Auto-iQ BL642 Review

Do you want to have a convenient blending system? What if you get a one-touch blender? Don’t you think this will do the entire work for you? Well, before you think that it sounds impossible, have a look at Nutri Ninja Duo BL642!

The product has got auto-iQ technology with a digital timer which makes it a top choice among other popular blenders. This technology makes preparing smoothies an exciting experience!

Nutri Ninja Duo

Features and Specifications

  1. A powerful 1500 watts motor with 2 horsepower
  2. Auto-iQ technology providing you convenience through a single touch blending
  3. Mighty vitamin and nutrient extraction through Nutri Ninja Pro-Extractor Blades
  4. Within few seconds the crushing Blender can crumble ice to snow
  5. One large 32-ounce cup for multi-serving purpose
  6. A 24-ounce cup for regular usage
  7. One small cup of 18-ounce
  8. 3 lids for easy sipping
  9. Product Weight- 10.1 pounds
  10. Item Dimension- 7 × 10 × 17.5 inches
  11. One year warranty on the blender
  12. Dishwasher safe

What makes this blender a must-buy?

  • High Performance

With a mighty wattage of 1500 along with 24000 RPM, the performance of Ninja Pro BL642 is undoubtedly the best among all other blenders. These blenders have the power to liquefy any ingredient! This performance assures that you can use it both for personal use as well as professional use.

Nutri Ninja Duo

  • True value for money

The kind of functionality that this blender provides makes it a true value for money as compared to other mixers. Products which have similar price range like NutriBullet Price offers less functionality and those with an equal functionality prove to be more expensive!

  • Easy to clean

With Nutri Ninja Duo BL642 blender, you can easily get rid of all your cleaning woes. Not only is it dishwater safe, but you can even clean it through hand wash. Further, you can wash the Ninja Pro-Extractor Blades with a mild soap for better results.

  • Multi-tasking

Did you think that Ninja Pro Bl642 can only blend? Well, the product is capable of grinding, chopping, shredding skins as well as blending. Thus, from making smoothies to sauces and purees, you can perform various activities with this blender.

  • Technology

The pre-programmed auto- iQ technology enables digital timer settings to prepare smoothies and other items within minutes. No more operation hassles!

Using Nutri Ninja Pro BL642Nutri Ninja Duo

  1. Select a jar as per your need and pour all necessary ingredients into it.
  2. Close the jar with a lid and place it on the power base.
  3. You need to turn the power on and choose the auto- iQ function based on your type of usage and consistency.
  • Puree- Sauce and pulps
  • Blend- fresh leafy vegetables and fruits
  • Frozen Drink- chilly desserts and beverages
  • Ultra Blend- Frozen fruits and vegetables

4. Once prepared, you are all set to enjoy it!

Customer Feedback

With the high efficiency of Nutri Ninja Duo Blenders, customers have remarked that their blending experience has improved a lot. What makes the product more special to them is the auto- iQ technology through which they are free from any cooking hassles.

No matter how efficient you are in cooking, Ninja Pro BL642 is your top-most choice as compared to NutriBullet Amazon. Preparing beverages and yummy desserts have never been easier!


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