Nutri Ninja Auto iQ: Time to make the best investment!

Celebrate the chef in you with the right blender.”

Do you need a kitchen appliance? Are you looking for a blender which easily handles the dessert cravings of your family? You must be confused about the product to trust, isn’t it? Relax. We are offering healthy solutions to meet your requirements. With Nutri Ninja Auto iQ, you are assured to have a worthy investment!

Wondering how? Well, such is the Nutri Ninja Auto iQ review that will automatically make you feel the product to be a true value of your invested money. It forms to be the best electric device for people willing to avoid any fuss and hassle while preparing smoothies. You must have already developed an interest in this blender, right? If not, keep reading to dive deeper about the product!

Nutri Ninja Auto iQ

This leading manufacturer has come up with a blender system combined with an Auto iQ system which gives a new outlook to smoothies. This revolutionary technology brings forth improved machinery combined with unique, timed and better patterns that ease your work in a never-before like way. This technology is set with a digital timer which depicts the remaining time left for preparing a smoothie. Now we will see nutribullet review


Nutri Ninja Auto iQ


Keeping in mind about the hectic schedule of business professionals, busy officials and students; these Nutri Ninja Blender have been designed in a way that you get your desired smoothie within few minutes. The device knows when to start, what to perform, how to perform and when to stop. Thus, you are further free from operating hassles too!

However, if you are someone who wants to operate manually, the product offers that facility too! In spite of having the auto iQ facility, a user can operate the appliance himself too. Tap the start/stop button to begin the blending process and once you think that it’s done, simply press the button once again to stop it.

Why do you need to give a thought on Nutri Ninja Auto iQ?

The Ninja Auto iQ Blender comes with a set of amazing features which proves to be an important consideration for any mixer.

  1. Multi-serving capability to cater to the taste of a large group of people at a time
  2. Might wattage output ranges from 1000 to 1500 watts with efficient horsepower
  3. Auto-shutoff feature which stops the motor of your device once it starts getting too hot
  4. Ability to set the speed of the blender manually
  5. Each model accompanies its own set of multi-purpose jars ranging from 18 ounces to 24 ounces and even extends up to 32 ounces.
  6. Jars are further accompanied with sip and seal lids
  7. Nutri Ninja Pro Models provide Pro Extractor Blades to make the blending process easier in the most consistent way.
  8. Ninja blenders come in various sizes which enable easy transportation and storage. Further, a user can even conduct both personal and professional use.
  9. Mixers are dishwasher safe
  10. Ninja Pro models carry powerful vitamin and nutrition extraction even from tough fruits, seeds and skins.

Each of these Ninja Auto iQ appliances has got its own set of capabilities which vary from one model to another. However, each of these can perform multi-task like shredding, chopping, grinding, blending. Some models are even efficient in crushing frozen fruits and icy vegetables.

The extractor blades are efficient enough to move at high speed thus liquefying all kinds of ingredients into tasty smoothies, sauces and purees. Each of these Nutri Ninja Blender come along with warranty to ensure that you get the best of your money.

Recipe books and instruction manuals are accompanied along with every product to ensure that each of your cravings gets fulfilled! The jars and the entire product are BPA-free. Thus you can have easy dishwasher cleaning along with prolonged usage!

How to use the Nutri Ninja Pro Auto iQ Blender?

Using a Ninja Auto iQ is very easy. Unlike some of the other blenders, you are free from worrying about the usage of this mixer as using a kitchen appliance has never been easier! You can start using it by-

  1. Pick a jar as per your preferable serving. In case you want a smoothie out of frozen fruit, consider a pitcher.
  2. Now fill the jar to the max line with your necessary ingredients and liquid.
  3. Close the jar with the lid and place it on the power base.
  4. Turn on the device and choose your preferred blend type from the Auto iQ function. These functions depend on the usage-



Nutri Ninja Auto iQ


  • Cold smoothies- For chilly desserts and drinks like smoothies
  • Blend- to mix fresh leafy vegetables and fresh fruits
  • Puree- to prepare pulps and sauces
  • Ultra Blend- to crush and blend icy fruits and solid vegetables

Once your blender prepares your desired solution, pour it into any container and start enjoying! Read on to know more from our site!

Types of Nutri Ninja Auto iQ Blender

1. Nutri Ninja Pro

The Ninja Pro Auto iQ can be your worthy investment if you want to have a device which can not only prepare delicious smoothies but even crush your frozen food in a way that making drinks out of those chilly fruits and vegetables is completely possible.

Further, as compared to other mixers, this Nutri Ninja model prepares a smoother smoothie with the same amount of ingredients. Unlike some of the other appliances, it is even easier to clean this product as you can easily remove the Pro Extractor Blades. What makes Nutri Ninja Auto iQ review more successful is the fact that the Ninja Pro model proves to have a true value as per its price when paralleled with other popular devices.

2. Nutri Ninja Duo

If usability and power of an appliance prove to be your most important concern in any mixer, then it’s the Nutri Ninja Duo which should be your top choice. Each of the 4 models that come in the Nutri Ninja Duo series is a good investment if you want to make your smoothie experience convenient.

With an RPM of 24000 along with 2 horsepower, these devices offer a mighty wattage ranging from 1300 to 1500 watts. This makes the performance of these models one-of-a-kind as they have the capability to liquefy everything and anything. With a maximum height of 17.5 inches, these blenders can easily fit into any shelf any counter-top. This makes the storage and transportation of these devices easy!

Moreover, it enjoys an excellent review due to its pre-programmed smart technology enables that the device knows the secret to blend anything. With the functionality that these devices produce, even the price is rightly justified!

How much Nutri Ninja Auto iQ blenders are productive?

If you are interested in this product, you can even go to our Nutri Ninja Auto iQ review page for more information. The benefits that you can avail as a customer of Ninja Auto iQ are as follows-


Nutri Ninja Auto iQ


  • Easy usage

Using an auto iQ blended Ninja blender is much easier as compared to other products. You are free from manual operation as the appliance knows what to do and how to do. With just a single touch of your desired usage, you can ensure that the mixture is perfectly blended.

  • Versatility

Ninja models are versatile in their approach as they can perform multi-tasking for you. From grinding to chopping to shredding the skins of your fruits and vegetables, these devices can perform several tasks.

No matter if you want to prepare sauces or smoothies or purees, these blenders have the perfect solution to all your desired cooking solutions. By choosing the preferred auto function, you can prepare anything. Furthermore, these mixers have pro extractor’s blades which enable smooth crushing of frozen foods like fruits and vegetables in a way that you have your desired smoothie without hampering the vitamins and nutrition value.

  • Unique design

These devices have got a unique design for every kind of user by the following ways-

1. Material

The jars of these devices are BPA-free. Thus as a user, you can be assured of safety. Further, the product along with its jars and blades are dishwasher safe.

2. Technology

The pre-programmed Nutri Ninja Auto iQ has a technology with the digital timer setting which makes these products have a unique design. Thus you are free from manual operation as your product knows how to blend and make a consistent smoothie without your interference.

3. Leak proof

Your jars are completely leak-proof unless and until you cross the max line. Thus, it is better if you always keep the ingredients below the max line for effective use.

  • Easy to clean

With a Ninja appliance, you are free from all cleaning woes as these are dishwasher safe. You can easily remove the extractor blades and clean your blender after every use. Since there are no chances of leakage, you are free from unwanted cleaning hassles.

It is due to these lucrative advantages that the Nutri Ninja Auto iQ review is good for all customers.

The Nutri Ninja Auto iQ proves to be a perfect blender for all kinds of user. No matter how proficient you are in cooking, you can easily use this blender without worrying about any hassles. The product is designed in a way that you are free from all sorts of maintenance problems. This proves to be a true value product for everyone! Time to make your purcahse worthy and make smoothie preparation more smoother!


Review of Nutri Ninja Auto iQ (BL482): The blender that stands unblended

With the best compact blending tool in town, Nutri Ninja Auto iQ (BL482) has created asensation in the blender market. From cracking nuts to breaking down vegetables and seeds, this product is complete blending solution. Saving your hundreds of dollars, Nutri Ninja comes with some of the best technological aspects that can be found in regular kitchen equipment.

Care to know what this mini blender has to offer you? Check out every aspect of this mind blowing blender provided to you in details.

Specifications of this product

  • Power capacity: 1000 watts
  • Voltage capacity: 60 Hz, 120V
  • Cord length: 3 feet
  • Weight: 11.9 pounds
  • Blade spin rate: 21,000 RPMs
  • Cup capacity: 3 cups of different capacity
  1. Jumbo Multi-Serve Cup – 32 oz.
  2. Regular Cup – 24 oz.
  3. Small Cup – 18 oz.
  • Product dimension: 6 x 6 x 15.5 inches
  • Warranty: 1 year

Features of Nutri Ninja Auto iQ (BL482)

  1. It has preprogrammed settings with 3 different blending speed buttons.
  2. You will find 2 blending techniques associated to this Nutri Ninja. One is pulse functionality and dual Auto – iQ program functionality (blend and ultra-blend).
  3. All the parts of this blender are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe.
  4. Manual operation, as well as automatic operations, can be performed.
  5. It has a timer in its front panel which allows you to preset controls.

Thumbs up of this product

  1. All the 3 cups of this amazing blending machine are made up of extremely sturdy and BPA free plastic.
  2. It has this ‘Powerful Nutrient and Vitamin Extraction’ function that detects the blending degree so that every time you get a nourishing beverage.
  3. This blender has a powerful motor base with Auto-iQ technology which optimizes its extractor blades to draw out the nutrient content from eatables by pulsing and pausing technique.
  4. The blades are of superior stainless steel and are rust proof.
  5. You can easily blend fruits and ice in seconds.
  6. Seeds and nuts can be easily broken with any difficulty.
  7. It has 2 sip lids and seals for to store the content or carry it to work.
  8. Being a blender of a handy size, it is fit to be kept in any kitchen of any size.

Thumbs down for Nutri Ninja Auto iQ (BL482)

  • The noise level of this blender can be a major put off for many.
  • Its warranty period is of a short duration.

Customer review

If you check for the reviews of Nutri Ninja Auto iQ (BL482)over notable online shopping sites, it has a spectacular 4.5 star rating as an average score.

A happy customer and a mother of 2 stated, “The usual blenders are generally huge and take up lots of space on the kitchen counter. It used to create inconvenience for me as I had to cook, look for my children and manage my work. But with this bullet sized blender,I get the work done easily every day without anymess. And being portable, I can carry it anywhere. Nutri ninja is my current best friend, and I’m not going to choose any other blender.”